Frequently asked questions

  • Question: How can I make an order?

Answer: Place the needed items in your online Shopping Cart. Then click on the Checkout button and enter the needed contact details in the menu of your online Shopping Cart (e-mail name, address, city, country, postal code.). As soon as the checkout is completed, your order will begin to be processed. We will contact you by e-mail in the shortest term to give you the necessary wire transfer information.

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CAREFULLY DOUBLE-CHECK IF THE DELIVERY ADDRESS AND NAME YOU WROTE ARE CORRECT AND VALID. We won't be responsible for the mistakes and errors that you submit on the delivery form.

  • Question: How can I pay for an order and what are the payment methods?

Answer: The payment can be made through the International Money Transfers. Only fully paid orders will be processed. 

You can make the payment once our representative gives you the payment details by e-mail. When the payment is completed, please send us the transfer number MTCN, exact amount of the transfer, sender's first/last name, sender's country. Your order will be sent out for delivery within 2 days following the payment.

  • Question: How can you guarantee that I will receive my order?

Answer: We guarantee that all the steroids that we sell have a very high quality. We guarantee that you will receive exactly what you ordered. We are interested in establishing trustworthy and long term collaborations with our customers and we care about our name.

  • Question: Do you have a minimum order amount?

Answer: We don't have a minimum order amount.

  • Question: Do you have a discount system?

Answer: Yes. There are discounts in our online-shop depending on the order quantity.

Delivery Information

  • Question: How do you deliver the order and what is the delivery fee?

Answer: We have 2 options: USA Domestic shipping and International(inclusive USA 100% success guarantee). 

From our USA Domestic section the order is delivered by priority mail inside USA(with tracking number, signature is NOT required). Packages usually arrive to domestic destination within 3-5 days, depending on how far the package has to be delivered from its origin. We have a fixed delivery fee in amount of $20 for USA domestic priority mail delivery.

From our International section the order is delivered by airmail to anywhere worldwide(inclusive USA). The delivery takes from 10 to 14 days following the dispatch (depending on your location). We have a fixed delivery fee in amount of $20 for international airmail delivery.

The order is dispatched within 2 days following its payment (not including weekends and holidays). We remind you that we work with 100% prepayment through International Money Transfers.

  • Question: Can I track my package?

Answer: Yes, of course. After dispatching your order we will immediately send you the tracking number of your package. 

  • Question: How do you guarantee that the items will be delivered with their integrity preserved?

Answer: We pack each order with carefulness and accuracy. If you receive a broken item, send us a photo of it and we will handle the issue individually. If the damage is confirmed, we will refund the loss in the next order or send you a replacement item.

Please read and accept our Terms & Conditions:
NOTE: No reship policy for Brazil, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Singapore and some other higher risk countries.

Please also make sure to ALWAYS check your SPAM folder on your e-mail. If you have not got the answer in 24 hours please write us.